Samantha Robinson


YA Romance

Back on the Boulevard
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Release date is December 21st

Carly Matthews has finally found a place that feels like home. After a drama-free summer with the boys of Benjamin Boulevard, she’s going back to Oak Hill Academy for senior year. What’s the worst that could happen? It’s only one year and then she’s officially free.Unfortunately, her plan to keep her old life separate from her new life begins to unravel. She wants to make everyone happy, but what about her? Will she be able to juggle everyone else’s happiness with her own, or will it all come tumbling down?

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YA Romance

The Boys of Benjamin Boulevard

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"Predictable and boring? I think not. This would prove that I'm just as spontaneous as the next person." Carly Matthews has a life that would seem enviable to anyone on the outside. She's dating the most popular guy in school, and her best friend rules the school. She lives in a huge house in a gated community and could buy anything she wants. So why does she feel so empty?After a disagreement with her best friend, Carly makes a spur-of-the-moment decision that leads her to Alex. He’s cute, he’s kind, and she’s unavailable. Is it possible for your whole life to change after spending a few hours with a stranger? She’s about to find out.

About the Author

Samantha Robinson is a passionate storyteller with a heart deeply entrenched in the Young Adult (YA) genre. Her world revolves around immersing herself in stories, whether through the pages of a book, the scenes of a TV show or movie, or the interactive realms of video games.Her journey with literature began in childhood, marked by frequent visits to the library and the amazement of librarians as she devoured book after book. This early love for reading blossomed into a dedication to writing, especially stories that capture the complexity and vibrancy of teenage life. Her writing intertwines elements of romantic comedy and adventure, showcasing her belief in the transformative power of humor and excitement in storytelling.As an author, she's given life to novels like "The Boys of Benjamin Boulevard" and "Back on the Boulevard." Through her work, she strives to create narratives that not only entertain but also inspire, embodying the spirit of youth and the limitless paths it can take.


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